Been Awhile

So it has been quite a while since I have blogged. Today I felt compelled to write about a certain topic: Veganism.

I became vegan about a year ago. I had wanted to be vegan for a long time. I did it mainly for health reasons because I’d seen documentaries about how bad it is for your health. I slowly started cutting out meat and seeing what meals I could make, not using meat. When I realized we would have to cut out all dairy too, then I was like “uh-oh, can I live without cheese?” I have slowly been able to do that and I am very happy that I did.

Last night we watched a movie on Netflix called “Okja”. I had seen it advertised years ago and thought that it was another stupid kid show. We happened to watch a YouTube video titled “Netflix Hidden Gems”. We decided to watch it.

It is a story of a girl and her giant mutant pig. I don’t want to spoil it because everyone should watch this movie.

If you love animals at all you should watch this movie. I’ve never been one to preach to people that they should stop eating meat. However, I feel like if I could possibly get through to just one person, maybe I could be the reason things will start to happen.

I am aware that people don’t want to think about what goes down in a slaughterhouse but it is happening. That animals are suffering every day just so people can have bacon, or hamburger. Not to mention the impact it is having on the planet. This is proven.

If you love your pet, just imagine for one minute if they were in a crate where they couldn’t move. To live day after day in their own filth. With no love or companions, just pain and fear. Then imagine that your pet is lined up and put into a holding pen where a bolt is shot into their head. Then they are hung by their feet to bleed out and chopped up. Then all of your pets body parts are packaged and used to feed people.

Cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys, and the list goes on and on. People need to educate themselves. Coming from Texas where vegans are scarce, I felt like I didn’t want to tell anyone or try to convince him to stop eating meat. Now I feel like I would like to ask that whoever is reading this, at least consider cutting down on meat. It’s just as bad for you as smoking. It causes cancer and it is polluting the world. Consider what we are leaving for our children and future generations.

I ask that you at least do some research and educate yourself a little bit about how horrible it really is. Check into why more more people are figuring out that you CAN live without meat.


Life’s Ups and Downs

Hi y’all! Been awhile but we have been so busy. Thank goodness we don’t have real jobs because “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

After Brian installed the AC unit, we had a guy come out and check the lines, make sure there were no leaks, and do something called an HVAC. We went on a trip to Texas to visit family and when we came back the AC wouldn’t cool.
It also happened that on the way home from Texas, our car overheated and we got stuck in between here in Texas in the worst possible area. At least we were able to get to a gas station but it was very hot and we had no cold air coming out of the AC. We went to an ace hardware and there were some nice people there that helped us out and got us back on the road again. Luckily we made it home with no other incidents. Then we found out that we had no air-conditioner when we got home. LOL We had to suffer through a couple of days because we couldn’t get anyone to come out here. Finally got someone. He said there was some little valve that the Freon had leaked out of. The valve was not set properly. He got it refilled with freon and adjusted it. Now we have AC again. Brian was very happy that it was not anything that he had done that caused the Freon to leak. It feels so good now. We take our comfort for granted every day. We are so happy to have a comfortable place now.

The next thing we wanted to get done was to get our Tempur-pedic mattress out of storage. We have been sleeping on the mattress that came with our Murphy bed. The original mattress that was in this RV was very uncomfortable. We took the Murphy bed mattress and put it in the RV since we were still living in the house since we had not sold it yet. When we moved we put our bed into storage with the intention of trading them out at a later date. We finally got around to it and it was not easy. The Tempur-pedic mattress is very heavy and bulky. We managed to get it into the back of the truck and got it to the RV. We then took the old mattress out and put the Tempur-pedic mattress in its place. We then put that mattress in the back of the truck and took it to our friends in Tucson who are keeping our Murphy bed until we build our dream house. Their son is using the Murphy bed until he moves out. So he was very happy to have a more comfortable mattress. The poor kid had been sleeping on the original crappy RV mattress. He didn’t seem to mind though. LOL

We have a trip planned to Los Angeles to visit a friend for the Memorial Day weekend. We have never been to that area so we are looking forward to that. It is going to be chilly and cloudy there and that will be a nice break from the heat.

Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Today is mine and Brian’s 15 year wedding anniversary and we could not be happier! He was so concerned that he might not be able to do the AC/heat split system because it involved electrical work. Derek has been super busy and wasn’t available to help so Brian was on his own. It was a great learning experience for him. He now feels like he can tackle pretty much anything!

It was an amazing weekend with our friends Craig and Nicki in Tucson and their kids and others. Their 23 year old daughter is in the army and is about to be deployed to Germany for the next 3 years. They had a going away party with lots of great Cinco de Mayo foods. We played games and had a great time. We were able to escape the heat by staying the night with them.

When we got home the temp in the trailer was 103! We suffered through the worst part of the heat and luckily it cooled off a little during the night. Then there was an AC guy coming at 9am to check the hoses for leaks and to flush the lines. Everything went smoothly and we had cold air coming in. It only took a few minutes until we were at a comfortable temperature!

We try not to take the little things for granted and we feel blessed every day that we are healthy enough to deal with this lifestyle. We have family members who are going through tough times and pray for each and every one of you. We know it’s not going to always be easy. We have so many projects lined up before we will be able to start building the actual house. We are leaning towards earthbags. It’s a super cheap way to build and hopefully I can do a lot of cool and artsy things with it.

Thank you to everyone for reading this. I appreciate y’all!!!

Air Conditioner is Here!

The air conditioner has finally arrived! Luckily it hasn’t been that hot. It has been so incredibly windy that we were afraid of the solar system being damaged. Thank goodness it has been fine.

Brian has to figure out how to install the AC now and he’s not sure if he knows what he’s doing. He does NOT. LOL. He doesn’t like figuring out as he goes but I’m sure he’s going to do a great job.

We spent the last weekend in Mexico at our condo in Rocky Point. I love it so much. I am so glad we have a little place to get away to. We went out in our inflatable kayak and swam in the ocean. Laid by the pool and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I wish we could go more often or stay longer but since it’s a rental condo we share it with others. We can’t afford it otherwise. Someday it will be paid for and will be all ours. For now it is pretty much rented out for the summer. We can probably get in during weekdays on occasion though.

Our next project will be to get our other mattress in the RV. It’s a little bit larger than the one we have now and we will have to make some adjustments because it’s going to be longer. Going to have to put a piece of plywood under it. I really miss my old bed though so it’s good that we will have it back again! After that we will be bringing the washer out of storage and hooking it up! Yea!!!

If anyone is reading this still, please let me know and thank y’all! We really appreciate the support. Please watch our YouTube videos too. We are figuring this out too as we go.

Ordered a New AC

Our AC started blowing warm air so we called an RV technician out. He wanted way more than we wanted to pay and we decided to go with something called a mini split. It is an air conditioner in a heater on in one. This way it will be more energy-efficient and you said a lot less of our solar energy. Luckily this happened now and not the hottest part of summer. It has made it difficult with cooking though since it heats the RV when I cook. We are having lots of salad.

We still have the condo in the rental pool in Mexico. We are going to go visit there on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach. Hopefully the water will be warmer and I can swim in the ocean. Can’t wait!

Solar is Working

This has been such a fun and exciting weekend! Brian, Derek, and Liam have worked their butts off for the past week. Liam is from Connecticut and is only 21. He is possibly the smartest person I know now! (Don’t tell Brian and Derek I said that!) He and Derek built Derek’s solar setup together and they are hoping to start a business helping other people do what they did for us. We were kind of a test project (extremely lucky for us!). Derek has filmed the whole process and I will include a link when he puts it on YouTube.

So the guys finished it up and brought it over here from Derek’s Friday afternoon. They did some more finishing touches, none of which I understand, but we had power within a few minutes. It was a very happy moment to say the least!

Our friends from Tucson, Bill and Jodi Roberts were here in their Minnie Winnie so we were sitting over in their place playing dominoes. We came back to go to bed around 11pm and noticed we didn’t have power. We were like “OH NO!” What the heck? We texted Derek and they came over right away Sunday morning (today). We figured out that there is a secondary water heater under the kitchen sink and we had inadvertently hit the switch. It uses electricity and not gas. I thought it was odd that we had hot water but thought maybe it was because it had been hot outside. Anyway, that was on all night and drained the batteries because apparently that thing sucks out a tremendous amount of power.

So now we are all good and have power again. Unfortunately the AC is out so we are going to get someone to look at it tomorrow. Also still working on getting the RV toilet working correctly without running us out of here gagging! Just been so busy with solar setup that we haven’t had time. Brian said he is going to work on it this evening.

For lunch today Derek and Liam drove us to Bisbee and we had a vegan lunch that was SO good. I had Beyond Meat burger and French fries that was amazing. Bisbee is such a cute little town in the mountains. I want to go back again sometime.

I feel so good about our decision to do this. We are working hard but at the same time, it feels good to be working toward a goal and working together with like minded people. So happy!

Tomorrow the solar is getting hooked up!

These past few days have been rather “Shitty“. There is something wrong with the toilet in the RV. The previous owners didn’t take care of it or something.
It started smelling weird and then got progressively worse. We bought some chemicals to pour in it but that did nothing. It was so bad one morning when Brian had it open working on it, I had to run out of here because I was gagging… HARD! Lol
Lucky for us we have the compost toilet in the shed. Since it isn’t real close it is sort of a pain in the middle of the night. Today has been gusty winds, sometimes as high as 40 mph. The AC is not cooling anymore and it is about 85° in the RV.
Dallas (our dog) is terrified when the wind blows’s. The whole RV is rocking and the blinds make noise and flap all over the place. I put her in the bathtub and got her all wet and she liked that a lot.

The guys are almost finished putting together the solar system. Only one more day and it will be connected. The wind hasn’t made it easy for them. Tomorrow is supposed to be another windy day but I hope that everything goes well with them getting it hooked up. There have been a couple of setbacks with the air-conditioner and the toilet and the wind. LOL. I’m just trying to keep a good attitude. Everything will work out for the best.