November is a crazy month!

November is only halfway over and it has been really crazy as far as temperature. Our heater went out. There was one morning we woke up and it was 29° outside and 40° inside the trailer. Then the same afternoon it is 80° in the trailer and 70° outside. So you’re bundled up in the morning and then putting on shorts in the afternoon. LOL

The heater guy is supposed to come on Monday morning and hopefully he can fix it. In the meantime we have had a little propane space heater. This definitely has not been easy. It seems that I took comfort for granted. There’s a lot of discomfort involved with this type of lifestyle but I do feel like I’m doing something for the planet.

Living in such a small place also makes it difficult. Relationships can become strained to say the least ha ha. Today when the space started closing in I went for a walk and I felt so much better. It just made me realize what it is about this place that I love. I love the peace. I love being close to nature. I loved seeing the different types of trees and plants and a little footprints of different animals.

I know things will get better and the RV is only temporary. We are trying to stay positive 😊


I’m Back!

Hi y’all!
I have been really bad about keeping up with this blog. I’m sure you may have noticed. Things have kind of been at a standstill. Brian has been researching how to build a carport/shed and it is taking a very long time. He likes to be very thorough. It is a lot of money to spend so I am glad he is doing what he is doing. At the same time it is very frustrating to me. We still have our stuff in storage and is an extra monthly expense. Without an income we really have to watch our spending. He may have narrowed it down and will be buying the supplies soon.

I ordered a small greenhouse from Amazon. It was only $70 so you can imagine it is not very sturdy. LOL. The wind may blow it away at some point but we are going to give it a try. At the very least maybe I can get some seeds started and it.

The monsoons are over and we had days where it rained but didn’t do any real damage thank goodness. It has been dry for a couple of weeks now, which is nice. Now it is starting to get colder and it seems our heat may have a problem.

My son Tim had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday. Right now not sure what is going on. He is supposed to get out today. His arm is swelling and they aren’t sure why but thought it was a blood clot. I’ve been worried sick. He’s only 24. I wish I could take his place.

Thanks for reading and I will keep y’all posted.

Hi Y’all!

We have been really busy as usual. Brian has been helping our neighbor Derek on building his huge garage. I have been doing quite a lot of painting.

We got our waterline fixed a buried back in the ground. However we still want to figure out how we can keep the erosion from eating away at our property.

Yesterday a lady from University of Arizona “extension program” for Cochise County came to take a look at our land and talk about ways to slow down the erosion. She said it was a very interesting piece of land and she wants to try to help us. I’m not exactly sure what that entails as of yet. We are going to try different things though. One of the things we will try will be check dams. We will also be doing water harvesting. Setting up cisterns and water tank catchments.

We had planned on our next project being a large carport with additional solar panels. It is starting to get cooler now so our solar hasn’t been a problem. Of course with the monsoon season being over we probably won’t have to worry about the erosion until next year but we need to get started on things because it’s going to be a slow process.

I know I have been bad about keeping up with the blog. I feel like no one reads it because no one ever leaves comments. I will continue to update it. Just in case people are reading it and don’t feel like commenting that is ok. Thank you for your continued support. Hopefully we will have some more videos soon. Bye!


This was another fun and interesting weekend. We went to Brian’s sister and fiancé (Shari and Scott’s) house in Phoenix. Friday night we played cards then on Saturday morning Brian and Scott went to get wood for a project that Scott is building. I did laundry while they were gone since we don’t have our washer out of storage yet.

On Saturday evening we went over to Sam Riley‘s house and made pizza with his family. Sam is a 21-year-old that Brian used to work with at Arizona lighting. I show them how to make a pizza dough and sauce. Everything turned out really good. We played some cards with his family. It was fun.

We came home Sunday morning. Decided to stop by Sams Club and pick up a few groceries since we don’t have one close to us. We had just spent about 30 minutes picking everything out and we’re almost done when workers came yelling “there’s a fire, everyone needs to evacuate!” They said they did not know when we would be able to go back in and the fire department was on the way. Apparently there was a small fire in the back of the store. It was unbelievable. I really needed those things and I wasn’t happy. Lol. Oh well. It also sucked because we had gone out of our way to go to that store. Sometimes things just don’t go your way and you have to accept! Haha

When we got home that day, we discovered that the gas on the propane tank was turned off. It ran out and tried to switch over and the other tank was in the off position so everything in the freezer had melted and everything in the refrigerator was warm. Luckily we didn’t really lose anything. Just had a watery mess to clean up. On the bright side the freezer got defrosted. 😊

Also, we finally got our building permit! We officially have an address so that is very exciting. Hopefully we can figure out exactly what kind of building we will do and actually start the process. The next thing to be done will be to install our new solar panels/carport. Brian has been helping Derek with his giant garage. Hopefully Derek will help us in the future if we need it. He has really been helpful in helping us with his tractor when our road was a mess. He has come over and made it drivable again for us which we really really appreciate. It’s nice being a good neighbor and having good neighbors.

Kartchner Caverns

Saturday Brian’s sister Shari came to visit along with her fiancé Scott. This was the first time they had been here. We met them at Kartchner Caverns since we hadn’t been there before. They won’t let you take anything in there at all which is understandable because people can drop things and they have to protect the cavern. It was really cool and very interesting.

Afterwards we came back here and played some cards. It was a really fun time.

Felt like we didn’t get a whole lot accomplished this week. I guess there was one thing that we did that I forgot about. Spiders were coming in in the middle of the night and we would wake up and find them on the ceiling. It was very terrifying. LOL Brian would get a cup and a piece of cardboard and capture them and then we would turn them loose outside the next day. We thought they were getting in through the vents so we removed the vents (since we don’t use them because we have a new heating and cooling unit)and Brian cut out pieces of wood to seal the holes. I took each piece and painted a little ocean scene on it. It was fun. Plus it makes it look a little less plain.

We did clean and dust and vacuum everything and Brian sprayed bug spray around. We have not seen any spiders in here since then. Now he is out cleaning everything out of the shed and going to spray in there too.

Our next order of business is to try to make a carport and get our other solar panels going. Plus we want to get our things out of storage so we are discussing whether or not to get a shipping container out here to use as a shed. I thought we could buy one and then later on if we decide we want to build something else, then we can sell the shipping container. They are pretty popular so I don’t think we would have a problem.

Now I have to go to the store because we always seem to run out of fruits and vegetables very quickly. I was feeling pretty crappy after our two week vacation of not eating very well. For the past two weeks I have been eating and exercising regularly and I feel really great!

Thank you to everyone who is reading this. I can’t believe it has already been about six months since we moved here. Things seem to be moving very slowly but the wheels are in motion. 😃

A Fun Weekend

Went to Tucson to Craig and Nicki‘s over the weekenD. Spend Friday night there and Billy and Jodi came over and we played games. Next morning went to the Garden Kitchen in Tucson where they have free classes the first Saturday of every month. They have a small room where they did Zumba dance class, then a cooking demo, then gardening tips. Craig and Brian didn’t do Zumba. They were looking around the place and looked at the big garden in the back.

The Zumba class was really fun. I was really having a great time until a man showed up and decided to dance about 2 inches away from me. This always seems to happen to me in every exercise class. Am I invisible? Or magnetic? Lol

For the cooking demo they made a broccoli Mac and cheese and also some sliders made from a fruit called jack fruit And also some sort of apple dessert. It was good! They use healthy ingredients.

From there we went to Mesa to visit the kids. This was the first time we had seen Tim and Taylor’s new place. We had a fun time. Then it was onto Shari’s and Scott’s house. Came home on Sunday.

Today we got up and went to the permit office in Bisbee. We should get back an approval in a week and have an official address. Hallelujah! 😃

I Apologize Y’all!

Hey y’all! Just want to let you know that I sincerely apologize that I have fallen behind on my blogging. We have done so much since the last time I have blogged that I can’t remember it all. I’m going to do my best though.

I will try to work backwards. We went on a two-week RV trip with our friends Billy and Jodi Roberts. We went to California to Pizmo beach then to Monterey. Through the redwood forests to Oregon. Oregon has a lot of fires right now and we had planned on going to Yosemite and to crater lake but both of those were not visible because of smoke. We had a really fun time anyway. Was glad to be back home though after two weeks away. I missed our little place here.

The winds and rain had made a mess of our wash. Luckily Derek came over with his tractor and made it drivable. We are so very thankful to him for that.

So we have had some issues with our solar not being enough to keeps our air running. We have 6 panels. We have ordered six more panels and batteries. Derek has not received the batteries yet. He has ordered himself some too and ours are with his. Once we get everything set up it will be a lot better and we are hoping to build a carport two and another shed so we can take the rest of our things out of storage.

The main focus has been to get our house building permit which has been a very long and tedious process. I think we finally have it completed and are going to take it to the permit office probably tomorrow. We aren’t certain yet which kind of building material we will go with. Maybe earthship, possibly earth bag, or cob. We are going to start to try to make a decision. I am pretty anxious to get started because living in an RV can be challenging. Not for everyone I can assure ya!

There have been a few nights where we have found big spiders crawling on the ceiling. Brian gets a solo cup and a piece of cardboard and then put a rock on top of It. The next morning I take it outside far away and release it unharmed. LOL. I seriously can’t even kill a fly. Every now and then I do and I just can’t stand it. ha ha

So right now we are trying to make another compost bin because we’ve already filled up one.

I’m going to try really hard to keep on top of the blog and post every week. Thanks everyone who is reading!❤️🙏😊