Erosion Control

Lately it seems like we’ve been working a lot on controlling the erosion of our land. It’s really important that we get this done before the monsoon season starts because we are in danger of losing more land.

Our friends Steve and Donna in Phoenix were kind enough to bring us a load of bricks and also had more at their house which we picked up. We really appreciate it Steve and Donna! Brian took some of these bricks and made a dam in one of the ravines where the water is washing land away. Time will tell if it will hold up or not but I think it looks pretty good.

We found a place where we can get old tires for free and it is close by plus they are willing to deliver them to us. There’s many things we can do with old tires plus there such a large area that needs to be dealt with, we need the cheapest option we can find.

During this last month we have been helping our neighbors out by taking all of their tree trimmings and branches, as well as our own tree trimmings and putting it in the wash where the wall is eroding. Hopefully the trees will slow things down.

We have been using barrels to catch water from the shed and we have gotten quite a bit. Plus catching it in buckets just here and there. Today it is raining so we will be getting quite a bit more.

We have also been training for a hike in the Grand Canyon. It will be about a 4 mile hike down where we will set up camp. The next day we will do approximately 16 mile hiking and spend the night at the campsite. Then we will start the hike out which is about 4 miles up and stop and camp that night. The next day hike the rest of the way out which is about 4 miles.

April will be here before we know it. We are going to a straw bale workshop at a place close by and spending three days there. Hopefully we will be learning a lot of helpful information.

Our neighbors, Bill and Yvonne have build a solar shed out of straw bale and we have been helping so that has been a learning experience as well.

The carport has been put on hold for now and I believe we are going to try to build a straw bale bathroom starting in April after we get done with our workshop.

The March winds have arrived. We have been doing everything in the morning because the winds come around noon and then it’s almost impossible to get anything done. Doing our best though.

Thank you to everyone who is sticking with me and reading this. LOL


Starting Rain Catchment

Hi y’all! Things have been a little easier lately. Knock on wood. Time is flying by too fast. February is going to be over before we know it.

Brian installed a rain gutter on the shed. He put one of our barrels under to catch the rain. It will be nice to have water close to the compost pile. If y’all didn’t know, composting requires water. If it’s to dry, it doesn’t “cook”. Brian is also starting an area for a new composting area with a roof to cover the strawbales so they stay dry. So far he has the post holes dug and the posts are secured.

We were in Tucson the past 2 weekends because I took a self defense class with my friend Nicki. It was from 9 until 3! Two Saturdays in a row. It was fun and also free! Now I feel really good about walking around hiking alone. Who knows if an animal decides to attack me and I have to fight. Lol. Or a human.

The wind is just non stop blowing so hard. It’s really annoying. It’s getting cold again. Our weather has been really screwy as of late.

Getting quite a bit accomplished and feel really great. Training for the Grand Canyon. Going to hike in March.

Thanks everyone who is reading this. Appreciate y’all!

Surprise! More Setbacks😃

Well well well, big surprise we take one step forward and 3 steps back. Trying to keep a good attitude though it is hard.

On a good note, Brian got materials to make a compost station and there will be a roof in the middle to cover our straw bales. It will also catch water. Our neighbor Bill came over and drilled eight holes for us to put the posts in. Just as they were finishing up I noticed that the ground was wet over where Brian had already fixed a leak. So he had to stop and try to repair it. While we were outside working on that there was an incident with the toilet inside the trailer. There is a pedal that you step on and it makes the water run, so you can flush the toilet. Since the water had not been on we didn’t notice that the pedal was stuck in the down position. When we turned the water on to see if the leak was fixed little did we know the water was flowing over out of the toilet and flooding the trailer. I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. We caught it before it was too terrible. Brian grabbed the shop vac and we got it pretty much vacuumed up and then used towels. We left for Phoenix for the weekend and left a fan going and when we got back it was actually dry. He is at the hardware store now getting some pipe and things to repair the water leak since it still has a slow drip. Ugh.

Hopefully things will be a little warmer now. We think that the pipe keeps freezing and that’s why it was leaking. This morning it was freezing again even though the weather said it wasn’t going to. Grrrrrr. Brrrrrrr!

I have been working on a straw bale wall. It is only a single straw bale. It has been a lot more physical labor than I bargained for but luckily I have a friend Yvonne who helped me. Yvonne and Bill are our neighbors who live close by in an RV just like we do. They bought land with the same intention as us.

I put a layer of cob (sand, clay, and straw). I still have to plaster over the strawbale again to prevent cracks. So far it’s pretty good. I put a layer of rock on the bottom and then stacked bottles across the bottom and held it together with clay and sand mortar. I plan on adding some tile accents as well. It will serve as a bench over by the greenhouse.

I have to be honest, I am ready for warmer weather. I guess it will probably be summer before we know it and then I will be wanting cooler temperatures. LOL

It’s been sunny and dry so that’s been nice!

We have not had much of a chance to make any new YouTube videos. I’m trying to put one together now though of how I built the strawbale bench. If you are reading this and you haven’t watched any of the videos, I hope you will try to because eventually we hope to try to make money from YouTube but we have to have subscribers and watch time. Lately we haven’t gotten any new ones.

Thanks to all y’all! For sticking with us.

Slow And Steady

When I say slow and steady, I mean when I look back we have accomplished things. Sometimes it feels like we are getting nowhere fast. We are making slow progress. It seems like we have had many setbacks. I keep trying to focus on the things ahead.

We had planned on working with cob, which is clay, sand, and straw, mixed with water and makes a very nice building material. Brian made a wooden form and I mixed the cob together by going down to the wash (dry riverbed). I carried a bucket and gathered the clay first. The clay was left in the wash when some of our land literally fell into the wash, and as the water washed away all the sand from some of the piles, only the clay was left. I was able to get pure clay from these piles. There is also sand in the wash which I gathered in the bucket. We have straw that we use for the compost, so I mixed in some of that with a little water. The first thing I made was a tiny little dome house with a roof. Second I made a mortar and pestel. Then Brian made a form out of wood and I made an actual brick. These things came out really strong. They went through three rain storms and are still holding strong. This is without plaster. When I add an actual plaster over the top, it will be unbelievably strong. The next thing I plan to do is use a straw bale and plaster over it and make a bench with our house number on it.

Brian spread out all of the rocks from the rocks we ordered and had delivered. Now it is really nice to walk around without getting mud all over our feet after the rains.

The carport is still pending. We have tried two different steel companies and both of them sucked at customer service. We have tried several times to get them to give us bids/estimates and they never return our calls. Or emails. Apparently they do not want our money. LOL. Now we are leaning towards wood again. Not sure yet.

Brian bought some wood yesterday and we are going to start a new compost area with a roof for catching rain water.

Our ATV had something wrong with the carburetor and Brian was able to fix it. It’s nice having the ATV to run around from place to place.

It seems like we’ve had a lot of cloudy days and days where it sprinkled rain. We don’t get a lot of energy in our solar system when it is cloudy so we have had to use the generator on occasion. We want it to be sunny but it is also nice to be able to catch the rain.

We have not been filming much for videos on YouTube lately. It just seems that it takes so much time and Brian wants the videos to be well done so there’s that. Ha ha.

We did take a break and went to Mexico. Rocky point is a 5 Hour Drive. ( i’m using the microphone on my telephone so that’s why some of the words are capitalized and I am too lazy to correct them.). Our condo heater was not working so we were freezing the first night. We got a few things done in the condo that needed repaired. I saw dolphins from the balcony swimming by and we took walks on the beach and overall it was just a really awesome few days. It is the off-season now so no one is renting our condo which sucks but at the same time it is nice that we get to go and use it. Since it is the off-season it is very empty on the beaches and in the restaurants. We had a good time. I didn’t want to leave.

I have also been working on painting rocks. I do this thing where I paint dots on the rock and it looks really cool I think. Someone told me I should try to sell them on Etsy. I plan on trying that.

Thanks to anyone who is reading this. We really appreciate it.

We got Snow

Hey everyone! Happy new year!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year start.
We went to Tim and Taylor‘s place and from there to Brian‘s sister Shari’s. Came back through Tucson and went to a party in Winterhaven. It was really cool. Just about every house in the neighborhood is lit up for Christmas and we went around on scooters to see all the lights. I kept hitting potholes and hitting myself with the scooter. I don’t think I’ve ever even ridden a scooter so I didn’t know what I was doing! Lol. People on foot we’re going faster than I was ! 😂
The food was excellent! They had a vegan catered dinner and appetizers. Delicious!
Came back home and it was 40° in the trailer. It’s pretty small so didn’t take long to warm up.

Went back to Tucson to Craig and Nicki‘s for New Year’s eve. It was pretty low-key. Just played some games and ate junk food. Haha

It seems like every time we look at the weather it says it’s going to be sunny but then it is cloudy. It seems like we have had more clouds than sun. Two days ago we basically had a blizzard come through and it was 18°! Apparently that was the lowest it has been in a very long time and the snow stuck to the ground. It was really pretty cool and I enjoyed walking around in the snow. I also shoveled some snow into one of our rain catchment barrels. Saw many different wildlife footprints (coyotes rabbits and javalina)

So Brian fixed the water leak from when the rock truck busted it. However with the freezing temperatures every morning we have not had water. But once the sun comes out the water comes back on. We think it’s freezing up near the well house because they didn’t bury the line deep enough. We really look forward to the day when we get our large rain catchment tanks and they are full of water. Hopefully we will not have to rely on well water anymore. Also we will make sure they do not freeze.

I will never again take water for granted or comfort for that matter. I look forward to the day when we have a house that is well insulated with a nice shower! I know that day will come. No regrets! We are still having a great time.

I have been experimenting with the soil to see how it holds together. Cob is straw sand and clay. We know people who built their house out of it. I want to make a wood burning oven. We also plan on making forms out of wood and try making some adobe bricks. I’ll let you know how that goes. Thanks everyone!!!

Carport Update

Hey everyone, This last month has been challenging to say the least. It has been difficult to stay positive but we are doing our best.

Poor Dallas has been sick off and on. She seems to have a lot of stomach issues. We have taken her to the vet and they said it’s something that happens in older dogs. She took medicine and was good for a while but then seems to have gotten it again. When this happens she wakes up every hour during the night and has to be taken outside. It wasn’t so bad when it was warmer but now that it’s cold or it has been hard on her. She is 13 years old. I just feel so bad for her when it happens because I know it’s horrible for her. We call the vet again today and Brian went to pick her medicine up. Hopefully things will be OK again.

We noticed there was a wet spot on the road and it turned out to be a small leak in the waterline. Brian had to dig it up and luckily it was a somewhat easy fix.

Derek our neighbor came over and helped us install two additional batteries for our solar system. So once the carport is done we will be able to install more panels. We have 15 more on order. That will make things a lot nicer. Right now we are not able to keep up with our usage. After Derek and Brian finished installing the batteries, Derek was helping fill in some areas with the tractor and accidentally ran over the water spigot. They had to rush to the store and come back and fix that. I was in the middle of dishes when that happened. LOL

So the update is that we decided not to do wood for our carport. Steel/metal is the way to go. So we are ordering it but it will take four weeks for them to put it together and then we will have to go pick it up.

On a more positive note, Derek and Hannah gave us some things that they didn’t want anymore. One of the things was a son oven and I was so excited because I have been wanting one. Unfortunately there has been no sun in about a week. Very strange for Arizona! I think we are supposed to get some sun next week hopefully! They also gave us some fencing and metal roofing pieces. And a lot of glass bottles so I will have bottles for my bottle wall project I plan to do in the future.

We know some other people who live nearby and they are going to be moving. They gave us three big water catchment barrels and a bunch of large planters. These will come in handy. Very happy about these donations and very appreciative.

We also met some people who are going to be moving onto some land nearby. Their names are Bill and Yvonne. They are doing the same thing we are. Living in an RV and setting up solar. They also have a YouTube channel called The Upside of Downsizing. It has been awesome getting to know them and talking about future projects and how we can help each other.

We have also been looking into various building Types. Strawbale being one of them. We are talking about possibly building a small bathroom/outdoor shower for a test project.

There is a small bed and breakfast nearby called the Canello Project about 30 minutes from Sierra Vista Arizona and they have many structures that are built from strawbale. We are going to be spending the night there on Wednesday. We went on a tour there once before to see what they do there. Many awesome structures made from straw bales. They are said to be warm in the winter time and cool in the summer.

We are still not 100% sure what material our home will be built But leaning towards straw.

The weather is rainy today but mostly cloudy. I’m ready for some sunny weather!

Thanks for everyone who has continued to read this and for watching our videos. We haven’t been doing a lot of videos because we’ve had so many setbacks lately but there are many positives as well. Thanks y’all.

Carport Building

Hi everyone! First of all, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving! Also want to let y’all know my boy Tim is doin great. He was really dehydrated and they thought he had a blood clot. He’s on blood thinners for the next month and they will monitor him. Thanks to everyone out there for your thoughts and prayers.

Big news! Brian has purchased materials to build a carport/storage shed. We are so excited. Brian has it all planned out. Not sure how long it will take to complete but I’m hoping by the end of December. I keep y’all posted. Thanks so much for y’alls support. Hope you will watch our videos too. We are putting out more content recently. Hopefully one day we can get enough subscribers to get paid. 😊