It’s 2020!

Hello everyone! I have been really bad about updating this blog because I just assume that since I get no feedback, that no one is reading this.

This is the first installment for 2020. We have been out here for two years now. Brian has completed a shed and has done a very good job on it. It has been doing very well on our YouTube channel. One of those videos has over 25,000 views on it. We have reached our goal of 1000 subscribers and are finally making a very small amount of money. Hopefully it will continue to grow since we don’t have jobs or an income.

Since the coronavirus outbreak the border to Mexico has been shut down and no one can go to the beach so our condo isn’t renting. We used to almost break even this time of year so now we are having to pay out which is very bad for us. Hopefully this will all blow over soon.

The next thing that we are hoping to do is to install some additional solar panels. They will be installed out behind the shed. Brian has cleared a spot to put them. We are also going to build a bathroom/shower out of straw bales. We are hoping to do this in the next month. Brian has already drawn this up in sketch up and it looks like it will be pretty simple. I can’t wait to get started.

I built a pizza oven/Cobb oven and it was a failure. I plan to build another in the near future. I learned a lot and I’m hoping that this one will be usable. LOL

We have some groceries now and are going to try to make them last as long as we can. I hope everyone will try to stay home so we can get this coronavirus under control. I don’t understand why people go insane when things like this happen. If everyone would just stay calm and stay home I think that this would be a non-issue after a couple of weeks. But I don’t know what to think anymore. I worry about everyone in my family because we are all kind of spread out. I miss everyone so much. Especially my son and my daughter who live in Mesa, Arizona. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and we were supposed to visit them next week but now we can’t. We are going to be doing FaceTime so that will be nice.

My goal is to try to keep this updated. I also plan to write a book. It will be on my experiences growing up. I want to try to write at least one installment a day and we will see where it goes.

Thanks y’all!

Rest In Peace Dallas

Some of y’all may already know we had to say goodbye to our Pekingese Dallas. It was a difficult decision but she is at peace now.

Today is November 6th. She would have been 14 today.

She had been sick for a while. She was having seizures and she was on medication for a heart problem. The heart medication was helping with the seizures somehow. Towards the end she got to where she didn’t want to eat. If she didn’t get the medication then she would have more seizures. The seizures would take a toll on her body every time she had one. It was horrible to see. She was to the point she could hardly walk. We decided we couldn’t put her through any more.

Neither Brian or I had ever had a pet put down. It was actually a very easy and quick process. Still very sad to say goodbye, knowing you’re never going to see them again.

They asked if we wanted to have her cremated or take her home and we chose to take her home. We buried her under the tree and made a grave for her. Complete with a small tombstone with her picture. I made that.

On a more cheerful note, the big shed is now finished. We are a little behind on making videos about the building of it. Brian is working on that.

We both have a giant list of projects that we want to get done. But we also like to travel and visit family and friends and our condo in Mexico. Trying to squeeze in projects here and there. I am trying to focus on finishing one project before I move on to another project. In the past I have started a project and then quit and then start another one and never finish. We were gone for a week visiting family in OK and Texas and since we’ve been back I’m trying to focus on better time management. I really don’t know how people with jobs do it! 😂

I have art projects, building projects, food projects and various other projects that I want to work on. Not to mention trying to put together videos and keep myself in shape. I notice if I don’t exercise and stretch, I don’t feel as well.
Trying to come up with healthy meals that both of us like is also very challenging.

I plan on doing some artwork on the shed. Now that it’s basically completed I feel more hopeful that we will have a straw bale home in our future. It is still going to take a lot of research and work before this comes pass. Lots of planning and watching other people who are doing the same. we hope to help people in our neighborhood and learn as we go.

Also, some great news. We are finally monetized on our YouTube channel. We made it to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time! That’s what you have to do to get monetized. Now if you watch a video you will notice an ad at the beginning of it. If people watch the ad then we will get a small amount of money. Very very small. LOL Eventually, that will start to add up. In a couple years maybe we will be making a little more. Hopefully every year a little more! So please let the ad play! 🙏

Thanks to everyone for taking time to read this. We appreciate it!

The Shed is Almost Finished

Hi Everyone! We have been very busy out here in St. David. Brian has been working hard on finishing the shed. He was going to install the doors today but it’s been raining non-stop. We are hoping this is the end of the rainy season.

The “garage in a box” has housed most of our belongings but it’s beginning to wear and rip. We will be able to move things into the shed probably in the next week. It’s just finding time to do it!

We have had one problem after another. Not sure if I can count them all.

New hot water heater had to be installed.
Ants have gotten into the RV 4 or 5 times. We have tried many different things and we think we got em licked!

My tooth got an infection, had to have it removed. Now I’m getting an implant and they had to do a bone graft. Not fun!!

Our daughter’s car was wrecked and on the way to help her our car overheated. On the way back from Phoenix it overheated again. We made it to Tucson and found we need a new radiator.

Just found another leak in the RV. Water coming in where they installed the new water heater.

Mice have found their way into the small shed and garage in a box. Not surprised. I don’t want to kill them because we moved into their home. I want to seal it so they can’t get in. We will attempt that when the big shed is finished.

Meanwhile, I have been trimming trees and trimming bushes and placing all of the branches in cracks that are opening up and eroding the land when it rains. It has been hot, sweaty, backbreaking work, and you know, we are still lovin it out here!

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The weather is a little cooler than in Phoenix and Tucson. Just the small town feel is really awesome.

We also have made it to 1,100 subscribers on YouTube and are very close to being able to make a little money on there. They put ads at the beginning and end of your video and when people watch we will get a small amount. Hopefully it will add up since we don’t have real jobs, we are going to need this income. We need more people watching our videos! It’s watch time we need to get there. We have enough subscribers just need people to watch for longer.

Many thanks to those of you who are suffering through some that weren’t the most exciting. As we get better at making videos, hopefully they will be more fun and entertaining to watch.

The next project will be adding more panels to our solar system. Stay tuned!

Thanks y’all!!!

Big Shed

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while and I have been very bad about keeping up with the blog. I don’t get much feedback from the blog so I feel like I just forget about it most of the time.

If you follow the videos you may know that we moved our smaller shed and are building a larger shed. We have a garage in a box that we have our stuff in right now but we are in the middle of monsoon season and the garage is in danger of blowing away at any time. Not to mention that it has mice crawling around inside of it.

The monsoon rains have held off quite a bit this year. We haven’t had that much rain compared to last year. Brian got all of the materials and he already has the floor and walls done on the shed. He is in the process of starting the roof now but yesterday was challenging and it was also really really hot. We found out that our hot water heater has been leaking and there is a big wet spot in the middle of the RV on the carpet. It took us a while to find the source of the leak. Now it has started to smell in here. We have googled and looked up things on the Internet and can’t figure out what we should do. We called an RV repair place and they cannot get here until Monday. That means it’s going to be really smelly in here because that is three days away. And the hits just keep on coming. LOL

There are some days that I wish that we could just go back to a regular life. Then there are some days where I am working outside in the morning and it’s really cool and the sun is just coming up and it is so beautiful. I like working on projects and getting them accomplished. I feel really good about myself and so does Brian. Most of the time that is.

There are good days and bad days but it has been more good days. We are still having a lot of fun.

Everything will be ok.

We Moved Our Shed

Summer is upon us and it is getting very hot. It is still pretty cool in the mornings which is nice though.

Our old shed hasn’t been very good. Meaning it leaks when it rains and mice have found a home there. They set up camp in our leather recliners and pooped and peed all over the place. I managed to get the recliners clean though. Glad we discovered this early. We had a heck of a time moving all the stuff out.

Water was coming in at the bottom when it rained because Brian didn’t really know what he was doing at that time. Since then he has learned a lot and the new shed is going to be a big improvement.

He made a new base for the shed in a different area and we had five of our friends come over and we all picked up the shed at the same time and walked over to the new base/location. I am so thankful that we have such good friends/neighbors and live in a community where people are ready and willing to lend a hand whenever you need it. Even if it’s on short notice like this was. I really appreciate the help of Bill, Yvonne, Taylor, Melissa, and Doug. Thank you guys so much!

Brian is going to build the new bigger shed where the old shed was. The old shed was a shed in a box and it’s metal. The new shed is going to be all wood and it will be much better. At least that is what we are hoping Lol!

We are going to wait until after the monsoon season to even consider starting to build a house. We are still planning on doing straw bale.

Slow-going Off-grid

Hard to believe it’s June already! Time is flying by and monsoons are gonna be upon us before we know it.

Seems almost all our time has been spent building erosion control projects. Also trimming trees on our property. There are about 10 fairly large, and 7 or so smaller mesquite trees. We are using the branches to fill in cracks in the wash. Hopefully this will help save our land that could potentially wash away.

We had planned to do another strawbale workshop but that has been canceled.

We went to Pennsylvania for a couple weeks. Spent time with Brian’s Dad, Mom, brother plus nieces and nephews. Had a great time. Lots of laughs.

We went to something called an escape room. I had never heard of this. It was really cool and fun! There are different options but we chose the “magic” one. It was Harry Houdini based. Lots of great and creepy decorations. You have to solve different puzzles and things to make your way out.
It was an hour long and went by very fast. We worked together to figure out everything. We made it out with 3 minutes to spare!

We also went to St Vincent’s college where Brian went to school. Just explored the grounds. Its a catholic school and has really old buildings and a cemetery on the grounds. I love cemeteries. Just a fascinating and interesting place that I hope to stay above ground on. Lol

I couldn’t get over how green everything was since it doesn’t rain very much here it’s not very green and we don’t really get to experience the rain very often. It was pretty cool to see rain storms. I didn’t like the thunder and lightning though.

We ate a lot during those 2 weeks and both gained about 10 pounds. I’m trying to get back into my workout routine. It’s difficult to do everything before it gets too hot. Doing our best to get back on track.

Our RV toilet has a seal leak so Brian is trying to get that repair done as we speak.

We are thinking of building a shed out of wood because it will be quick and simple. We have to get our things out of the shed that is out there because rain leaks in and also mice have found their way in and are trying to chew up our recliners! Grrrr

Meanwhile, our neighbors are working very hard and are getting a lot accomplished. I’m very happy to have them here. They are very inspiring to us and help us out when we need it. They will probably be building their straw bale home in October and we will get to help them and get experience.

They have already built a shed (for solar equipment) out of straw bale and it is so incredible. I really love it and I can’t wait to have a home someday that is similar.

I hope you guys will tune in to our YouTube videos. Check out what’s going on because it’s hard for me to remember to do the blog. LOL

Until next time!