More Solar!?! Yes Please. πŸ˜Š

Hello everyone and thank you for continuing to read my rants. πŸ˜‚ Things are getting very exciting out here.

Brian went and got all of the materials for the solar mount. We will be adding nine more panels. We have six already. This is gonna make our lives a little easier.

It is easy to take electricity for granted but when you are not connected to the power grid you realize how much you actually use and what wattage each appliance requires.

This life has definitely changed the way we look at using electricity!

So, the solar mount itself is fairly simple to complete. The wiring for the whole system is another story. Brian has been doing lots of research. He is going to try to do it himself and then have our neighbor Derek come and make sure it is done correctly. Derek helped with the system we have now. It’s mounted on a trailer. Now it will be tucked away out of sight in the new location. We can move the trailer and have extra space.

The wheels are really in motion! I’m so excited that we now got a little washing machine! We did our first load of laundry in it the other day and hung out on the line. It smelled awesome.

After Brian gets done with the solar system then we will begin working on the strawbale bathroom/shower. Then the long awaited carport. No more 200 degree car in the summer! I’m SUPER excited! Stay tuned.

Also I have been putting out many more videos of every day life and behind the scenes, on a second YouTube channel called Simply Pam. I hate the name but that’s all I’ve got for now. We’re also still putting videos on MidlifePrices. Lol.

Thanks y’all!

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