Social Distance

By now we all know about social distancing. Many people are out of work. It seems to be a very bad time for the economy from what I am hearing. Life out here hasn’t really changed all that much.

The greatest change we have face is when we go to the store. Over the last few months the shelves were empty in many places. Toilet paper, paper towels, rice, soup, alcohol, and hand sanitizer seem to be out. In the last few weeks however, they seem to be making a comeback.

We are still very busy out here. We worked together to build a clothesline. We ordered a washing machine as well. I can’t believe we went two years without a washer and dryer. It really wasn’t that bad. We are very lucky to have friends that would always offer to let us come and do our laundry at their house. Thanks y’all!

I feel like I’m getting better at editing videos. I also think that we are both getting more comfortable on camera.

We just finished making a video about how we are making bricks out of sand and clay. We are planning on using these bricks in our bathroom/shower we plan to build. We are going to be ordering the materials to build a structure for our solar panels and to begin the shower /bathroom base. We can’t wait to get started!

Our neighbors Bill and Yvonne, have broken ground on starting their straw bale home. It is very exciting to see. I’m sure we will be helping them out and learning things as we go.

One way the COVID-19 virus has affected us is the border to Mexico is closed. Therefore we cannot go to our condo in Mexico. The beaches are also close. That means no one is able to rent our condo at the moment. We have a monthly payment and the way we were able to afford it was by renting out the condo. Now that that is not happening, it is a real problem. We have some savings, but that money was going to be used to build our house. There is really no way to make up that lost money other than getting a job. I have been selling a few small things on Etsy but it’s not enough.

Hopefully soon all of this will blow over and life will go back to normal. I think it will take a while though.

Thank you everyone who is taking the time to read this. We appreciate the support.
We make a little bit of money with YouTube. So if you go and check out our videos please watch the commercial because that is the way we make a tiny bit of money. Thanks again very very much! Take care and stay healthy.

2 thoughts on “Social Distance

  1. Ah ha! Finally the second quarter posting. *Wink*. You know I watch the videos as often as you read the post comments. :-). You know I kid. I hope you and B are doing well. I’ve been doing the work from home thing for six weeks and trying to scavenge for toilet paper here in Phoenix once a week. Good times. Hopefully something changes soon so you guys can rent the condo out again. I love you guys. Later. D.


    1. Wow, you’re working from home! I still don’t understand why you don’t watch the videos. Don’t you know it’s a year 2020? LOL. I do appreciate you reading the blog. You may be the only person reading it. Ha ha. Thank you very much Doug. I hope you will come to see us someday!😃


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