It’s 2020!

Hello everyone! I have been really bad about updating this blog because I just assume that since I get no feedback, that no one is reading this.

This is the first installment for 2020. We have been out here for two years now. Brian has completed a shed and has done a very good job on it. It has been doing very well on our YouTube channel. One of those videos has over 25,000 views on it. We have reached our goal of 1000 subscribers and are finally making a very small amount of money. Hopefully it will continue to grow since we don’t have jobs or an income.

Since the coronavirus outbreak the border to Mexico has been shut down and no one can go to the beach so our condo isn’t renting. We used to almost break even this time of year so now we are having to pay out which is very bad for us. Hopefully this will all blow over soon.

The next thing that we are hoping to do is to install some additional solar panels. They will be installed out behind the shed. Brian has cleared a spot to put them. We are also going to build a bathroom/shower out of straw bales. We are hoping to do this in the next month. Brian has already drawn this up in sketch up and it looks like it will be pretty simple. I can’t wait to get started.

I built a pizza oven/Cobb oven and it was a failure. I plan to build another in the near future. I learned a lot and I’m hoping that this one will be usable. LOL

We have some groceries now and are going to try to make them last as long as we can. I hope everyone will try to stay home so we can get this coronavirus under control. I don’t understand why people go insane when things like this happen. If everyone would just stay calm and stay home I think that this would be a non-issue after a couple of weeks. But I don’t know what to think anymore. I worry about everyone in my family because we are all kind of spread out. I miss everyone so much. Especially my son and my daughter who live in Mesa, Arizona. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and we were supposed to visit them next week but now we can’t. We are going to be doing FaceTime so that will be nice.

My goal is to try to keep this updated. I also plan to write a book. It will be on my experiences growing up. I want to try to write at least one installment a day and we will see where it goes.

Thanks y’all!

2 thoughts on “It’s 2020!

  1. We’re all honkered down and waiting for everything to get better. Glad to hear from you and hang in there kids. Love you both!


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