Rest In Peace Dallas

Some of y’all may already know we had to say goodbye to our Pekingese Dallas. It was a difficult decision but she is at peace now.

Today is November 6th. She would have been 14 today.

She had been sick for a while. She was having seizures and she was on medication for a heart problem. The heart medication was helping with the seizures somehow. Towards the end she got to where she didn’t want to eat. If she didn’t get the medication then she would have more seizures. The seizures would take a toll on her body every time she had one. It was horrible to see. She was to the point she could hardly walk. We decided we couldn’t put her through any more.

Neither Brian or I had ever had a pet put down. It was actually a very easy and quick process. Still very sad to say goodbye, knowing you’re never going to see them again.

They asked if we wanted to have her cremated or take her home and we chose to take her home. We buried her under the tree and made a grave for her. Complete with a small tombstone with her picture. I made that.

On a more cheerful note, the big shed is now finished. We are a little behind on making videos about the building of it. Brian is working on that.

We both have a giant list of projects that we want to get done. But we also like to travel and visit family and friends and our condo in Mexico. Trying to squeeze in projects here and there. I am trying to focus on finishing one project before I move on to another project. In the past I have started a project and then quit and then start another one and never finish. We were gone for a week visiting family in OK and Texas and since we’ve been back I’m trying to focus on better time management. I really don’t know how people with jobs do it! 😂

I have art projects, building projects, food projects and various other projects that I want to work on. Not to mention trying to put together videos and keep myself in shape. I notice if I don’t exercise and stretch, I don’t feel as well.
Trying to come up with healthy meals that both of us like is also very challenging.

I plan on doing some artwork on the shed. Now that it’s basically completed I feel more hopeful that we will have a straw bale home in our future. It is still going to take a lot of research and work before this comes pass. Lots of planning and watching other people who are doing the same. we hope to help people in our neighborhood and learn as we go.

Also, some great news. We are finally monetized on our YouTube channel. We made it to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time! That’s what you have to do to get monetized. Now if you watch a video you will notice an ad at the beginning of it. If people watch the ad then we will get a small amount of money. Very very small. LOL Eventually, that will start to add up. In a couple years maybe we will be making a little more. Hopefully every year a little more! So please let the ad play! 🙏

Thanks to everyone for taking time to read this. We appreciate it!

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