The Shed is Almost Finished

Hi Everyone! We have been very busy out here in St. David. Brian has been working hard on finishing the shed. He was going to install the doors today but it’s been raining non-stop. We are hoping this is the end of the rainy season.

The “garage in a box” has housed most of our belongings but it’s beginning to wear and rip. We will be able to move things into the shed probably in the next week. It’s just finding time to do it!

We have had one problem after another. Not sure if I can count them all.

New hot water heater had to be installed.
Ants have gotten into the RV 4 or 5 times. We have tried many different things and we think we got em licked!

My tooth got an infection, had to have it removed. Now I’m getting an implant and they had to do a bone graft. Not fun!!

Our daughter’s car was wrecked and on the way to help her our car overheated. On the way back from Phoenix it overheated again. We made it to Tucson and found we need a new radiator.

Just found another leak in the RV. Water coming in where they installed the new water heater.

Mice have found their way into the small shed and garage in a box. Not surprised. I don’t want to kill them because we moved into their home. I want to seal it so they can’t get in. We will attempt that when the big shed is finished.

Meanwhile, I have been trimming trees and trimming bushes and placing all of the branches in cracks that are opening up and eroding the land when it rains. It has been hot, sweaty, backbreaking work, and you know, we are still lovin it out here!

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The weather is a little cooler than in Phoenix and Tucson. Just the small town feel is really awesome.

We also have made it to 1,100 subscribers on YouTube and are very close to being able to make a little money on there. They put ads at the beginning and end of your video and when people watch we will get a small amount. Hopefully it will add up since we don’t have real jobs, we are going to need this income. We need more people watching our videos! It’s watch time we need to get there. We have enough subscribers just need people to watch for longer.

Many thanks to those of you who are suffering through some that weren’t the most exciting. As we get better at making videos, hopefully they will be more fun and entertaining to watch.

The next project will be adding more panels to our solar system. Stay tuned!

Thanks y’all!!!

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