We Moved Our Shed

Summer is upon us and it is getting very hot. It is still pretty cool in the mornings which is nice though.

Our old shed hasn’t been very good. Meaning it leaks when it rains and mice have found a home there. They set up camp in our leather recliners and pooped and peed all over the place. I managed to get the recliners clean though. Glad we discovered this early. We had a heck of a time moving all the stuff out.

Water was coming in at the bottom when it rained because Brian didn’t really know what he was doing at that time. Since then he has learned a lot and the new shed is going to be a big improvement.

He made a new base for the shed in a different area and we had five of our friends come over and we all picked up the shed at the same time and walked over to the new base/location. I am so thankful that we have such good friends/neighbors and live in a community where people are ready and willing to lend a hand whenever you need it. Even if it’s on short notice like this was. I really appreciate the help of Bill, Yvonne, Taylor, Melissa, and Doug. Thank you guys so much!

Brian is going to build the new bigger shed where the old shed was. The old shed was a shed in a box and it’s metal. The new shed is going to be all wood and it will be much better. At least that is what we are hoping Lol!

We are going to wait until after the monsoon season to even consider starting to build a house. We are still planning on doing straw bale.