Slow-going Off-grid

Hard to believe it’s June already! Time is flying by and monsoons are gonna be upon us before we know it.

Seems almost all our time has been spent building erosion control projects. Also trimming trees on our property. There are about 10 fairly large, and 7 or so smaller mesquite trees. We are using the branches to fill in cracks in the wash. Hopefully this will help save our land that could potentially wash away.

We had planned to do another strawbale workshop but that has been canceled.

We went to Pennsylvania for a couple weeks. Spent time with Brian’s Dad, Mom, brother plus nieces and nephews. Had a great time. Lots of laughs.

We went to something called an escape room. I had never heard of this. It was really cool and fun! There are different options but we chose the “magic” one. It was Harry Houdini based. Lots of great and creepy decorations. You have to solve different puzzles and things to make your way out.
It was an hour long and went by very fast. We worked together to figure out everything. We made it out with 3 minutes to spare!

We also went to St Vincent’s college where Brian went to school. Just explored the grounds. Its a catholic school and has really old buildings and a cemetery on the grounds. I love cemeteries. Just a fascinating and interesting place that I hope to stay above ground on. Lol

I couldn’t get over how green everything was since it doesn’t rain very much here it’s not very green and we don’t really get to experience the rain very often. It was pretty cool to see rain storms. I didn’t like the thunder and lightning though.

We ate a lot during those 2 weeks and both gained about 10 pounds. I’m trying to get back into my workout routine. It’s difficult to do everything before it gets too hot. Doing our best to get back on track.

Our RV toilet has a seal leak so Brian is trying to get that repair done as we speak.

We are thinking of building a shed out of wood because it will be quick and simple. We have to get our things out of the shed that is out there because rain leaks in and also mice have found their way in and are trying to chew up our recliners! Grrrr

Meanwhile, our neighbors are working very hard and are getting a lot accomplished. I’m very happy to have them here. They are very inspiring to us and help us out when we need it. They will probably be building their straw bale home in October and we will get to help them and get experience.

They have already built a shed (for solar equipment) out of straw bale and it is so incredible. I really love it and I can’t wait to have a home someday that is similar.

I hope you guys will tune in to our YouTube videos. Check out what’s going on because it’s hard for me to remember to do the blog. LOL

Until next time!

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