Erosion Control

Lately it seems like we’ve been working a lot on controlling the erosion of our land. It’s really important that we get this done before the monsoon season starts because we are in danger of losing more land.

Our friends Steve and Donna in Phoenix were kind enough to bring us a load of bricks and also had more at their house which we picked up. We really appreciate it Steve and Donna! Brian took some of these bricks and made a dam in one of the ravines where the water is washing land away. Time will tell if it will hold up or not but I think it looks pretty good.

We found a place where we can get old tires for free and it is close by plus they are willing to deliver them to us. There’s many things we can do with old tires plus there such a large area that needs to be dealt with, we need the cheapest option we can find.

During this last month we have been helping our neighbors out by taking all of their tree trimmings and branches, as well as our own tree trimmings and putting it in the wash where the wall is eroding. Hopefully the trees will slow things down.

We have been using barrels to catch water from the shed and we have gotten quite a bit. Plus catching it in buckets just here and there. Today it is raining so we will be getting quite a bit more.

We have also been training for a hike in the Grand Canyon. It will be about a 4 mile hike down where we will set up camp. The next day we will do approximately 16 mile hiking and spend the night at the campsite. Then we will start the hike out which is about 4 miles up and stop and camp that night. The next day hike the rest of the way out which is about 4 miles.

April will be here before we know it. We are going to a straw bale workshop at a place close by and spending three days there. Hopefully we will be learning a lot of helpful information.

Our neighbors, Bill and Yvonne have build a solar shed out of straw bale and we have been helping so that has been a learning experience as well.

The carport has been put on hold for now and I believe we are going to try to build a straw bale bathroom starting in April after we get done with our workshop.

The March winds have arrived. We have been doing everything in the morning because the winds come around noon and then it’s almost impossible to get anything done. Doing our best though.

Thank you to everyone who is sticking with me and reading this. LOL

2 thoughts on “Erosion Control

  1. Hey guys, it sounds like you always have something to do. The Grand Canyon hike sounds awesome. Are you just hiking from the south rim to the north rim, or are you hiking back and doing the “rim to rim to rim” hike? Which ever it is, I’m sure it will be a “bucket list” experience. Really cool.


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