Starting Rain Catchment

Hi y’all! Things have been a little easier lately. Knock on wood. Time is flying by too fast. February is going to be over before we know it.

Brian installed a rain gutter on the shed. He put one of our barrels under to catch the rain. It will be nice to have water close to the compost pile. If y’all didn’t know, composting requires water. If it’s to dry, it doesn’t “cook”. Brian is also starting an area for a new composting area with a roof to cover the strawbales so they stay dry. So far he has the post holes dug and the posts are secured.

We were in Tucson the past 2 weekends because I took a self defense class with my friend Nicki. It was from 9 until 3! Two Saturdays in a row. It was fun and also free! Now I feel really good about walking around hiking alone. Who knows if an animal decides to attack me and I have to fight. Lol. Or a human.

The wind is just non stop blowing so hard. It’s really annoying. It’s getting cold again. Our weather has been really screwy as of late.

Getting quite a bit accomplished and feel really great. Training for the Grand Canyon. Going to hike in March.

Thanks everyone who is reading this. Appreciate y’all!

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