Surprise! More Setbacks😃

Well well well, big surprise we take one step forward and 3 steps back. Trying to keep a good attitude though it is hard.

On a good note, Brian got materials to make a compost station and there will be a roof in the middle to cover our straw bales. It will also catch water. Our neighbor Bill came over and drilled eight holes for us to put the posts in. Just as they were finishing up I noticed that the ground was wet over where Brian had already fixed a leak. So he had to stop and try to repair it. While we were outside working on that there was an incident with the toilet inside the trailer. There is a pedal that you step on and it makes the water run, so you can flush the toilet. Since the water had not been on we didn’t notice that the pedal was stuck in the down position. When we turned the water on to see if the leak was fixed little did we know the water was flowing over out of the toilet and flooding the trailer. I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. We caught it before it was too terrible. Brian grabbed the shop vac and we got it pretty much vacuumed up and then used towels. We left for Phoenix for the weekend and left a fan going and when we got back it was actually dry. He is at the hardware store now getting some pipe and things to repair the water leak since it still has a slow drip. Ugh.

Hopefully things will be a little warmer now. We think that the pipe keeps freezing and that’s why it was leaking. This morning it was freezing again even though the weather said it wasn’t going to. Grrrrrr. Brrrrrrr!

I have been working on a straw bale wall. It is only a single straw bale. It has been a lot more physical labor than I bargained for but luckily I have a friend Yvonne who helped me. Yvonne and Bill are our neighbors who live close by in an RV just like we do. They bought land with the same intention as us.

I put a layer of cob (sand, clay, and straw). I still have to plaster over the strawbale again to prevent cracks. So far it’s pretty good. I put a layer of rock on the bottom and then stacked bottles across the bottom and held it together with clay and sand mortar. I plan on adding some tile accents as well. It will serve as a bench over by the greenhouse.

I have to be honest, I am ready for warmer weather. I guess it will probably be summer before we know it and then I will be wanting cooler temperatures. LOL

It’s been sunny and dry so that’s been nice!

We have not had much of a chance to make any new YouTube videos. I’m trying to put one together now though of how I built the strawbale bench. If you are reading this and you haven’t watched any of the videos, I hope you will try to because eventually we hope to try to make money from YouTube but we have to have subscribers and watch time. Lately we haven’t gotten any new ones.

Thanks to all y’all! For sticking with us.

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