Slow And Steady

When I say slow and steady, I mean when I look back we have accomplished things. Sometimes it feels like we are getting nowhere fast. We are making slow progress. It seems like we have had many setbacks. I keep trying to focus on the things ahead.

We had planned on working with cob, which is clay, sand, and straw, mixed with water and makes a very nice building material. Brian made a wooden form and I mixed the cob together by going down to the wash (dry riverbed). I carried a bucket and gathered the clay first. The clay was left in the wash when some of our land literally fell into the wash, and as the water washed away all the sand from some of the piles, only the clay was left. I was able to get pure clay from these piles. There is also sand in the wash which I gathered in the bucket. We have straw that we use for the compost, so I mixed in some of that with a little water. The first thing I made was a tiny little dome house with a roof. Second I made a mortar and pestel. Then Brian made a form out of wood and I made an actual brick. These things came out really strong. They went through three rain storms and are still holding strong. This is without plaster. When I add an actual plaster over the top, it will be unbelievably strong. The next thing I plan to do is use a straw bale and plaster over it and make a bench with our house number on it.

Brian spread out all of the rocks from the rocks we ordered and had delivered. Now it is really nice to walk around without getting mud all over our feet after the rains.

The carport is still pending. We have tried two different steel companies and both of them sucked at customer service. We have tried several times to get them to give us bids/estimates and they never return our calls. Or emails. Apparently they do not want our money. LOL. Now we are leaning towards wood again. Not sure yet.

Brian bought some wood yesterday and we are going to start a new compost area with a roof for catching rain water.

Our ATV had something wrong with the carburetor and Brian was able to fix it. It’s nice having the ATV to run around from place to place.

It seems like we’ve had a lot of cloudy days and days where it sprinkled rain. We don’t get a lot of energy in our solar system when it is cloudy so we have had to use the generator on occasion. We want it to be sunny but it is also nice to be able to catch the rain.

We have not been filming much for videos on YouTube lately. It just seems that it takes so much time and Brian wants the videos to be well done so there’s that. Ha ha.

We did take a break and went to Mexico. Rocky point is a 5 Hour Drive. ( i’m using the microphone on my telephone so that’s why some of the words are capitalized and I am too lazy to correct them.). Our condo heater was not working so we were freezing the first night. We got a few things done in the condo that needed repaired. I saw dolphins from the balcony swimming by and we took walks on the beach and overall it was just a really awesome few days. It is the off-season now so no one is renting our condo which sucks but at the same time it is nice that we get to go and use it. Since it is the off-season it is very empty on the beaches and in the restaurants. We had a good time. I didn’t want to leave.

I have also been working on painting rocks. I do this thing where I paint dots on the rock and it looks really cool I think. Someone told me I should try to sell them on Etsy. I plan on trying that.

Thanks to anyone who is reading this. We really appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Slow And Steady

  1. Glad you got a chance to get away. I heard today elnino has kicked in and the weather guy said we could have rain into April. Catch that rain! Take care!


  2. Happy one year anniversary down on the homestead. 😀👍 It’s hard to believe you guys left town a year ago. I really do need to get down there and visit.


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