November is a crazy month!

November is only halfway over and it has been really crazy as far as temperature. Our heater went out. There was one morning we woke up and it was 29° outside and 40° inside the trailer. Then the same afternoon it is 80° in the trailer and 70° outside. So you’re bundled up in the morning and then putting on shorts in the afternoon. LOL

The heater guy is supposed to come on Monday morning and hopefully he can fix it. In the meantime we have had a little propane space heater. This definitely has not been easy. It seems that I took comfort for granted. There’s a lot of discomfort involved with this type of lifestyle but I do feel like I’m doing something for the planet.

Living in such a small place also makes it difficult. Relationships can become strained to say the least ha ha. Today when the space started closing in I went for a walk and I felt so much better. It just made me realize what it is about this place that I love. I love the peace. I love being close to nature. I loved seeing the different types of trees and plants and a little footprints of different animals.

I know things will get better and the RV is only temporary. We are trying to stay positive 😊

2 thoughts on “November is a crazy month!

  1. Hi Pam, thanks for posting the update. It sounds like there are some u expected challenges with the homesteading, but i’m sure you’ll do fine. You never posted an update on what happened to
    Tim when he went to the hospital. I hope everything is oaky. Keep the updates coming. I suspect a lot more people read them then you think. 👍



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