This was another fun and interesting weekend. We went to Brian’s sister and fiancé (Shari and Scott’s) house in Phoenix. Friday night we played cards then on Saturday morning Brian and Scott went to get wood for a project that Scott is building. I did laundry while they were gone since we don’t have our washer out of storage yet.

On Saturday evening we went over to Sam Riley‘s house and made pizza with his family. Sam is a 21-year-old that Brian used to work with at Arizona lighting. I show them how to make a pizza dough and sauce. Everything turned out really good. We played some cards with his family. It was fun.

We came home Sunday morning. Decided to stop by Sams Club and pick up a few groceries since we don’t have one close to us. We had just spent about 30 minutes picking everything out and we’re almost done when workers came yelling “there’s a fire, everyone needs to evacuate!” They said they did not know when we would be able to go back in and the fire department was on the way. Apparently there was a small fire in the back of the store. It was unbelievable. I really needed those things and I wasn’t happy. Lol. Oh well. It also sucked because we had gone out of our way to go to that store. Sometimes things just don’t go your way and you have to accept! Haha

When we got home that day, we discovered that the gas on the propane tank was turned off. It ran out and tried to switch over and the other tank was in the off position so everything in the freezer had melted and everything in the refrigerator was warm. Luckily we didn’t really lose anything. Just had a watery mess to clean up. On the bright side the freezer got defrosted. 😊

Also, we finally got our building permit! We officially have an address so that is very exciting. Hopefully we can figure out exactly what kind of building we will do and actually start the process. The next thing to be done will be to install our new solar panels/carport. Brian has been helping Derek with his giant garage. Hopefully Derek will help us in the future if we need it. He has really been helpful in helping us with his tractor when our road was a mess. He has come over and made it drivable again for us which we really really appreciate. It’s nice being a good neighbor and having good neighbors.


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