A Fun Weekend

Went to Tucson to Craig and Nicki‘s over the weekenD. Spend Friday night there and Billy and Jodi came over and we played games. Next morning went to the Garden Kitchen in Tucson where they have free classes the first Saturday of every month. They have a small room where they did Zumba dance class, then a cooking demo, then gardening tips. Craig and Brian didn’t do Zumba. They were looking around the place and looked at the big garden in the back.

The Zumba class was really fun. I was really having a great time until a man showed up and decided to dance about 2 inches away from me. This always seems to happen to me in every exercise class. Am I invisible? Or magnetic? Lol

For the cooking demo they made a broccoli Mac and cheese and also some sliders made from a fruit called jack fruit And also some sort of apple dessert. It was good! They use healthy ingredients.

From there we went to Mesa to visit the kids. This was the first time we had seen Tim and Taylor’s new place. We had a fun time. Then it was onto Shari’s and Scott’s house. Came home on Sunday.

Today we got up and went to the permit office in Bisbee. We should get back an approval in a week and have an official address. Hallelujah! 😃


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