I Apologize Y’all!

Hey y’all! Just want to let you know that I sincerely apologize that I have fallen behind on my blogging. We have done so much since the last time I have blogged that I can’t remember it all. I’m going to do my best though.

I will try to work backwards. We went on a two-week RV trip with our friends Billy and Jodi Roberts. We went to California to Pizmo beach then to Monterey. Through the redwood forests to Oregon. Oregon has a lot of fires right now and we had planned on going to Yosemite and to crater lake but both of those were not visible because of smoke. We had a really fun time anyway. Was glad to be back home though after two weeks away. I missed our little place here.

The winds and rain had made a mess of our wash. Luckily Derek came over with his tractor and made it drivable. We are so very thankful to him for that.

So we have had some issues with our solar not being enough to keeps our air running. We have 6 panels. We have ordered six more panels and batteries. Derek has not received the batteries yet. He has ordered himself some too and ours are with his. Once we get everything set up it will be a lot better and we are hoping to build a carport two and another shed so we can take the rest of our things out of storage.

The main focus has been to get our house building permit which has been a very long and tedious process. I think we finally have it completed and are going to take it to the permit office probably tomorrow. We aren’t certain yet which kind of building material we will go with. Maybe earthship, possibly earth bag, or cob. We are going to start to try to make a decision. I am pretty anxious to get started because living in an RV can be challenging. Not for everyone I can assure ya!

There have been a few nights where we have found big spiders crawling on the ceiling. Brian gets a solo cup and a piece of cardboard and then put a rock on top of It. The next morning I take it outside far away and release it unharmed. LOL. I seriously can’t even kill a fly. Every now and then I do and I just can’t stand it. ha ha

So right now we are trying to make another compost bin because we’ve already filled up one.

I’m going to try really hard to keep on top of the blog and post every week. Thanks everyone who is reading!❤️🙏😊


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