Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Today is mine and Brian’s 15 year wedding anniversary and we could not be happier! He was so concerned that he might not be able to do the AC/heat split system because it involved electrical work. Derek has been super busy and wasn’t available to help so Brian was on his own. It was a great learning experience for him. He now feels like he can tackle pretty much anything!

It was an amazing weekend with our friends Craig and Nicki in Tucson and their kids and others. Their 23 year old daughter is in the army and is about to be deployed to Germany for the next 3 years. They had a going away party with lots of great Cinco de Mayo foods. We played games and had a great time. We were able to escape the heat by staying the night with them.

When we got home the temp in the trailer was 103! We suffered through the worst part of the heat and luckily it cooled off a little during the night. Then there was an AC guy coming at 9am to check the hoses for leaks and to flush the lines. Everything went smoothly and we had cold air coming in. It only took a few minutes until we were at a comfortable temperature!

We try not to take the little things for granted and we feel blessed every day that we are healthy enough to deal with this lifestyle. We have family members who are going through tough times and pray for each and every one of you. We know it’s not going to always be easy. We have so many projects lined up before we will be able to start building the actual house. We are leaning towards earthbags. It’s a super cheap way to build and hopefully I can do a lot of cool and artsy things with it.

Thank you to everyone for reading this. I appreciate y’all!!!


4 thoughts on “Things Just Keep Getting Better!

  1. I am just not a naturally handy guy. And this is exactly how I learn things best. Get advice, watch some videos, then just jump in with both feet and hope it all works. It almost never works right the first time, but I rarely make the same mistakes again after that. Great job, Brian!

    Now if there were just some video edited together of the entire process in a humorous fashion!

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